Wireless Network Printing app for windows 10 with HP Mobile Printing

Wireless Network Printing app for windows 10 with HP Mobile Printing


The Hewlett-Packard Company that is also known as the HP that is an American Company and the Headquarters of HP is in Palo Alto that is located in California and HP has the wide variety of its products and it products are mostly related to the Software and hardware because they deal in technical products and we know that today everyone is after technology and Hp products are for the made for all the user whether they are government and private or they are small business holder or a Business Tycoon. They provide services to all the customers. Hp also provide services in the Health sector and education sectors. Today education is going to be digital so that Hp gadgets helps the students to better way to learning. Hp deals in printers that is the most popular product of Hp in these days because in printers they are growing day by day because they are using the latest technology in their printers.

If you are using the HP printer and also you are using the Windows 10 then for the Setup you have to install Hp printer App in your HP printer and that will help the user to guide how to print and in this Article we are going to discuss the process of installation of app and how we can use and how it works on Hp printer.

There are many functions that are included in HP printer smart app these are related to printing and scan and there will be a help to the users for the check the ink levels and so that a user can get easy access to the printer and with the help of the wireless network A user can use the printer wirelessly with their smartphones and PC.

The first thing that a user has to do that installs the HP smart app that is all in one and when it will then just add your printer.

These are guidance to install the HP printer all in one app

1.In the First step, you have to go to the HP smart app on your Windows 10 and then you can get the app from the Windows Store and after that follow the instructions and then download the app.

After downloading the app just install the app and then that app will search for the printers that are connected to the Network.

Now you have to add the printer with your Network and if you have already connected one printer with your network then that HP printer app will automatically scan your printer and it will select your printer and if you have already connected many printers then you have to click on the Printer Icon and then click on it and after that just choose a Different Printer and then you can select your printer from the list and just follow the instructions that are mentioned on the screen. So that your printer will be added in it.

What is different in this HP smart app application as compared to the old HP smart app

1. The new Hp smart app has improved the visual design so that it is easier to use for the users.

2. The printer setup has been improved in this so that there is no bug or error has to face to the users.

3. There have been many enhancements have done in this related to the scanning flow.

4. There is a new feature for the customers is that there is status notification is to be added in the Laserjet printers,

5. There are many other bugs that have solved in it and many glitches that a user has been facing that has corrected by the Hp support team.

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Are you facing a problem in the Hp printer smart app and if you are unable to find the solution we will guide the users how to get the solution of it and how to get rid of it them and for the just restart the windows and after that, if the user-facing these problems then you have to make sure that you are using the windows 10 and if the users still facing that problem then after that you have to run the Microsoft Printing troubleshooter program. And After that diagnose the issue and see the problem steps and if the users do not get the solution then reinstall the latest HP printing software.and after that if the user still facing the issue then just restore the PC and then download it again.

Conclusion:- In this article, we read about the HP company and the HP printers. The Hp Smart app that and the functions of Hp printer and how the old Hp smart app is different from the new hp printer app and in last we read about the problems which are faced by the user and the solutions related to it.

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