Factors To Consider When Finding Horse Racing Predictions

Picking just one standout runner from a large field is not easy, but our best tips will help you narrow the field down. It is important for the winning horse to handle a lot of variables because horse racing has many variables. 

It is nevertheless important for punters to have an edge before the race begins. The goal of this article is to help you pick a winning horse by examining barriers, weights, and, most importantly, finding value.

1• It is important to pay attention to form, but it isn’t everything

It would be easy to bet on horse racing if form runners won every race. Keeping an eye on horses in form is a good idea since confidence levels are high and the horse is generally in good shape. It is important to keep in mind, however, that conditions of the race play an enormous role. 

The form of a horse might be 2-6-7-7-4 for example, which is not particularly attractive. Despite this, it has made its last four starts at the group level, and now it’s falling back down to a benchmark 90 grade. Although it doesn’t have the best form, it has a class advantage over the competition. Runners like these can escape the attention of bookmakers, so bettors need to look for them.

2• Jockeys who are hot have a reason for being hot 

It’s common to hear someone say, “that jockey is hot.”, but they aren’t referring to their appearance. It is always worth following a hot jockey, especially at big carnivals. They gain confidence, and a confident jockey performs better. 

There have been times when we have backed a learning apprentice and wondered why they didn’t give the horse every chance to succeed. Apprentices are taken lightly, but it’s always a good idea to support in-form and experienced older riders. A good example is James McDonald, who used to win the first race with great frequency, so punters would back him in Race 1 and make a tidy profit.

It is important to recognize when a jockey has lost their touch as trends and hot jockeys won’t last forever. So it is important when looking for tips on horse racing today, you look for a jockey that has a good streak going.

3• Weight

Although weight isn’t the most important factor when picking a winner, they do have an important role to play in handicap races. Under handicap conditions, talented three-year-old thoroughbreds carry around 50kg, so the top weighted horses rarely win the Doncaster Mile. In midweek maiden races it doesn’t matter too much, but races like the Doncaster Mile, Cox Plate, and Melbourne Cup, there is a significant impact.

4• Barriers

When picking a winner, barriers are important, but they can be boring and mundane. It is generally true that the wider the barrier, the less chance they have of winning. It isn’t always true, but staying with a horse with good barriers is the best course of action. Horses from out wide have an advantage because of the possibility of finding cover over staying distances. 

Sprint contests are different, however, since a wide barrier puts the horse behind the eight ball from the start. Horses drawn barrier one are generally those who like to make a late run and get back into the race. It is ideal to draw the inside barrier for those who like to lead.


Additionally, there are many other factors that must be taken into consideration when finding horse racing predictions, but it’s quite difficult to include them all in this short article. Furthermore, all the above factors are also needed to consider when looking for horse racing predictions. If you think there are other factors that need to be considered, please let us know in the comments. 

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